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Here we have listed some books on Human Trafficking. Our hope is that you can find one that peaks your interest and will further your understand of the severity that this issue holds within the United States.

Sex trafficking: The global market in women and children.

The purpose of this book, as stated by the author, is to “spread the word about the trafficking industry- its sources, operations and structures” (Sex trafficking, 2005). The lens from which sex trafficking is perceived and understood in this book fits a radical feminist perspective; the notion that women’s oppression is due to worldwide patriarchy. Farr states that her lens of viewing the sources of sex trafficking is “economic and patriarchal” (Sex trafficking, 2005). She describes sex trafficking as a structured form of violence, and throughout this book presents its sources, operations and configurations. The book’s main focus is to look at the process and the industry of sex trafficking from a radical feminist perspective.

Sex trafficking: The global market in women and children. Kathryn Farr. 2005. New York: Worth Publishers. pp.262, ISBN:0-7167-5548-3, US $24.95 (Paperback).

The Sacred Bath: An American Teen's Story of Modern Day Slavery.

The Slave Across The Street is a memoir from Theresa L. Flores who at age 15 entered the hell of human trafficking.  A runaway?  No.  A drug addicted teen looking to procure her next fix?  No.  Theresa lived at home with her parents and siblings in Detroit, Michigan.  She went to school, she worked part time jobs and hid the fact that she had sex with hundreds of men to try and “earn back” photos that were taken of her being raped.

This is Theresa Flores now. Here is a link to her website so that you can check her story further:

The War on Human Trafficking: U.S. Policy Assessed

By: Anthony M. Destefano

The War on Human Trafficking covers the policy battles surrounding efforts to abolish human trafficking. Anthony M. DeStefano details events leading up to the creation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 1000--the federal law that first addressed this phenomenon--and assesses the effectiveness and aftermath of the law. DeStefano also describes the tensions created as the Bush Administration used trafficking laws to attack prostitution and shows how the American response to these criminal activities was influenced by the events of September 11th and the war in Iraq. This important book gets beyond sensational stories of sexual servitude and explains the powerful economic conditions that impel immigrants to put themselves at risk.

This book is focused on the impact that women can make within their communities. This book features Linda Rendleman’s personal story as a cancer survivor and life-long champion of women; stories and strategies from women who are contributing to world change; and practical strategies to begin your own journey. Sally Brown Bassett, humanitarian and sacred activist, offers her passion for creating change in the world.  Both Linda Rendleman and Sally Brown Bassett are CoFounders of the Women Like Us Foundation. This is the second in the Women Like Us Book Series. 

Here is a link to the WomenlikeUs website if you  would like to learn more about their cause:

"Powerfully raw, deeply moving, and utterly authentic. Rachel Lloyd has turned a personal atrocity into triumph and is nothing less than a true hero. . . . Never again will you look at young girls on the street as one of 'those' women—you will only see little girls that are girls just like us." —Demi Moore, actress and activist 
With the power and verity of First They Killed My Father and A Long Way Gone, Rachel Lloyd’s riveting survivor story is the true tale of her hard-won escape from the commercial sex industry and her bold founding of GEMS, New York City’s Girls Education and Mentoring Service, to help countless other young girls escape "the life." Lloyd’s unflinchingly honest memoir is a powerful and unforgettable story of inhuman abuse, enduring hope, and the promise of redemption.

Here is a link to Rachel Lloyd's GEMS website:

We encourage everyone to post books and other literature that they would like to share!

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