The Dark Side of the Superbowl

Everyone loves American football right? Each year millions of people sit down to watch the Superbowl, we look forward to the half time show with the years hottest celebrates and, the hilarious commercials. But what really happens at these games? Below is the link to an article that claims the Superbowl is a major venue for sex traffickers. Where they make a ton of money in just that one day.

The Truth About the Superbowl

What is being done...

In 2013, the Federal Government formed a task force to prevent traffickers from bringing women to the Superbowl this year. This did not eradicate the problem. In addition to the task force, Owners of the Ravens football team produced commercials to spread awareness of the problem in hopes of deterring individuals from purchasing women (and men) at the game this year. To allow everyone to read the full story or watch the video we have posted the link below.

Superbowl Sex Trafficking

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