Night of Hope 2013 -- Columbus, Ohio

Anyone who lives in or around the Columbus area should come check this out!  The event will be held at Upper Arlington High School on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Exhibits open at 5 p.m. the event starts at 7 p.m. 

Join us for ONE NIGHT...
To learn how God is freeing slaves here and around the world.
To pray for the name of Jesus to go forth.
To be sent out together with an unshakable hope.

Exhibits open at 5pm.
Come early to support Freedom a la Cart, a food cart run through Doma International to benefit survivors of sexual trafficking in Columbus, OH.

Admission to this event is free.

We will be taking donations that will be split between the organizations represented at this event. Let's bless the people that are on the front lines... doing the work to fight human trafficking!

We would also love for you to bring children's books to donate to City of Refuge, as they are building a library for the children who have been rescued out of slavery in Ghana.

Guest Speakers:
Judge Paul M. Herbert, 
Administrative Judge of CATCH Court

Julie Clark
CEO, Doma International and Freedom a la Cart

Gina Burris

Tony Anderson
Executive Director of Unearthed

Madi Vincent
Ghana Rock

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Watch the short 2 minute video on why 'She Has a Name' is hosting the night. 


Spread the word

Jada Pinkett Smith says the issue of human trafficking was brought to her attention by her daughter, Willow Smith who is only 12 years old! Jada asks everyone to educate themselves about human trafficking and tell a friend, spreading the word about this issue through word of mouth!

Jada Pinkett Smith- Spread the word

also visit, Jada and the war on human trafficking, to read more about Jada and Willow's effort to bring awareness to human trafficking.


The Dark Side of the Superbowl

Everyone loves American football right? Each year millions of people sit down to watch the Superbowl, we look forward to the half time show with the years hottest celebrates and, the hilarious commercials. But what really happens at these games? Below is the link to an article that claims the Superbowl is a major venue for sex traffickers. Where they make a ton of money in just that one day.

The Truth About the Superbowl

What is being done...

In 2013, the Federal Government formed a task force to prevent traffickers from bringing women to the Superbowl this year. This did not eradicate the problem. In addition to the task force, Owners of the Ravens football team produced commercials to spread awareness of the problem in hopes of deterring individuals from purchasing women (and men) at the game this year. To allow everyone to read the full story or watch the video we have posted the link below.

Superbowl Sex Trafficking


Human Trafficking 101

We know that while Human Trafficking has gained more coverage and attention in recent years, that there are still MANY people out there who don't really understand what Human Trafficking is, what it involves, and how many people both around the world and in our own backyards are either effected by this epidemic or at risk for being trafficked. And while we don't hold all the answers, we hope that the information provided for you in this post and throughout our blog will be helpful in raising more awareness on this issue and helping each of you out there to be a light in your communities and around the world as we all join forces to combat this issue both locally and abroad.

Human Trafficking Defined:
   HUMAN TRAFFICKING is a form of MODERN DAY SLAVERY characterized by the EXPLOITATION of men, women, and children for commercial sex or labor purposes.

Three Elements of Human Trafficking:  
    This issue can be explained as a funnel that adds the ACT (what is done) + the MEANS (how it is done)  + the PURPOSE (why it is done) together = HUMAN TRAFFICKING.
   In other words, human trafficking is characterized by the [act] recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of exploiting individuals through commercial sex or labor trafficking.

Two Broad Categories of Human Trafficking:
1) Labor Trafficking
     a. Domestic Service
     b. Sweat Shops/ Factories
     c. Begging
     d. Agricultural Work
     e. Mining
     f. Brick Kilns
     g. Child Soldiers

2) Sex Trafficking
     a. Prostitution
     b. Pornography
     c. Stripping
     d. Lap Dancing
     e. Live-Sex Shows
     f. Mail-Order Brides
     g. Child Brides

Statistics on Human Trafficking:

It is believed that there are roughly 27 million people living in slavery across the globe today. 
International statistics estimate that nearly 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked
across international borders each year. 
Annually up to 17,000 individuals are trafficked into the U.S. from other countries.
Approximately 80% of transnational victims are women and girls; and up to 50% are minors.
According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at least 100,000 U.S. children
are at risk for into the sex industry.   
Average age of entry into prostitution is 12 to 14 (continuum of abuse that begins in adolescence
and carries into adulthood). 
Victims of trafficking are often recruited on the streets, in the malls, at the corner stores, over a
friends house, in their own homes, and over the internet. 
Venues where children are most often trafficked for sex include: truck stops, motels, casinos,
brothels, homes, apartments, condos, and over the internet. 
Many human trafficking victims and survivors suffer from harmful physical, emotional, and psychological trauma. 

So now that you have a little bit better understanding of what Human Trafficking is, I hope you take that knowledge and as Theresa Flores author of The Slave Across the Street once shared with me, "Find your voice, GO CHANGE YOUR WORLD!


Aubrie, Amanda and Ashlea

Ohio human-trafficking efforts improve

To promote a second chance for victims of Human Trafficking, Illinois tattoo artist Chris Baker helps these ladies forget their terrible past by removing the tattoos and markings imposed upon them at their traffickers will. Often times, pimps would have the girls tattooed  as a way to "mark their property." These women are left to look at the tattoo every day,serving as a constant reminder of struggle their to regain freedom. 

                                                   Chris and wife Mckenzie Baker

Here is a link to the full article:



A Win for VAWA is a Win for Trafficking Victims

The Violence Against Women Act, otherwise known as VAWA, was passed by Congress this February.  VAWA has been reauthorized ever since it was first introduced, however this year it faced partisan competition to exclude certain populations. Thankfully the version of the bill that was passed into law included new supports for the LGBTQ individuals, Native Americans, and immigrants.

VAWA includes the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) which provides tools to address the prosecution of traffickers, protection for victims and generally for the prevention of human trafficking. This part of the bill was drafted by Ohio's very own Senator Rob Portman (R) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). The reauthorization of TVAP will provide grant money to enhance the protections for youth and children who are vulnerable to or victims of sex trafficking, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

For more information visit SharedHope's article:

SharedHope.org - Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and VAWA



Modern Day Slavery is another term for human trafficking. This blog is meant to provide information on what human trafficking is and how you can get involved to prevent it from occurring. Across the world and nation there are many organizations and individuals who are fighting human trafficking in many different ways.

We hope that you can find this blog useful in your search for understanding of your role in fighting human trafficking.